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The control of risks at work to man and the environment is a noble goal and as such worthy of being pursued. However the effectiveness of any
containment action is influenced by several factors:

  • National and local laws and regulations, as well as those deriving from EU membership, which dictate ways and timeframe to guarantee sound occupational health conditions in the workplace
  • Also crucial is the role played by inspection bodies during routine and non-routine inspections, by technological progress promoting new production methods and work organization and indicating high quality benchmarks (e.g. the EN standards), by local communities requiring a higher involvement in the choices regarding their territory (even if the contributions may appear confused and sometimes emotional) and by mass media willing to play a higher role in opinion formation
  • The workers representatives which, in addition to economic demands, are now promoting better conditions of life in the workplace
  • The judiciary bodies which, thanks to a legislator sometimes distrait, mandate substantial compliance to environmental and safety and health at work laws and bylaws
  • The entrepreneurs, their organizations and shareholders, now more careful than in the past in protecting their reliability and their social responsibility