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AESSEQ Consultancy Services

  • AESSEQ can provide:

    • Noise: instrumental measurements, acoustic impact forecasts
    • Certification of passive acoustic requirements for buildings (Presidential Decree of 05 Dec. 1997)
    • Acoustic Classification of housing units (standard UNI 11367)
    • Environmental Impact Study (EIS)
    • All environmental permits (air, water, fire certificate, IPPC)
    • Implementation and Audit of Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001)
    • Assistance during EMAS registration process
    • Support on logistics of dangerous products (ADR Regulation)


    • Sound level meters Larson Davis LxT and 831
    • White/Pink noise generator
    • Dodecaedric omnidirectional loudspeaker
    • Vibration meter Larson Davis HVM-100
    • Portable electromagnetic field strength meter NARDA 8053
    • Probes EHP-50c (ELF) and EP-745 (radio waves)
    • Spectrum-UV radiometer
    • Konica-Minolta Illuminance meter T10
    • Luminance meter Konica-Minolta LS-100
  • The management of production sites faces today the double challenge of reducing risks for staff, facilities and the environment to acceptable levels set by mandatory rules and/or codes adopted on a voluntary basis, and at the same time to achieve the maximum economic return.
    In this field AESSEQ can provide:

    • HSE Audits
    • Gap analysis for the compliance of equipment and machinery to the applicable European directives
    • Safety Reports and Emergency plans for Major-Accident Hazards Industries (Seveso)
    • Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP)
    • Occupational Risk Assessment (QRA and ALARP)
    • Occupational Risks Monitoring (noise, vibrations, electromagnetic fields, light, infrared thermography)
    • Fire Engineering and ATEX Hazards Assessment
    • Implementation and Audits of Safety Management Systems OHSAS 18001
    • Affidavits and Sworn Declarations
    • REACH


    • EFFECTS by TNO
    • Aloha, Windimula, Caline
    • HAZOP Manager
    • ITEM Toolkit (FTA, ETA)
    • Noise & Vibration Works
    • NARDA 8053 Logger Interface Software
    • Suite Edilizia NAMIRIAL
    • TuttoNormel by TNE
    • Sicurezza cantieri by INDICITALIA
    • Certificomacchine4 PRO
    • Implementation and Audit of Quality Management Systems
    • Training
    • Assistance during certification process